Connecting Community with Biodiversity
"Love Nature | Live in Nature"

Part of Quarry Life Award 2022 (5th Edition)
"Nature is the Biggest Winner"

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Quarry Competition Activities

Day Camps

The camp might be of competition, learning or leisure but intends to build and support child mental health


Youth Activities

Find the best youth hands-on activities that allow youth to grow in Science, Biodiversity, Climate Action + Career.


School Programs

This session allow a child or youth to participate in critical thinking and involved in problem solving skills.


Quarry Youth Digital Book

Find Yearly Biodiversity, Climate Change and Science based competitions helps to shape youth career and behavior.


Rehabilitation Project

The project is operated under Tanzania Portland Cement (PLC) which aims to rehabilitate the extraction area for biodiversity restoration.


Twiga Cement

Explore more what Twiga Cement is doing in serving the community and their list of products towards quality construction in Tanzania.

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Nature Learning Center

The Quarry Nature Learning Center gives series of activities that empowers youth career into a responsible citizen.


Biodiversity Museum

The Community Biodiversity Museum have a lot to tell you including Biodiversity, Wildlife, Urban Ecology, Green Industries.


Agriculture Activities

At the Wazo Hill Quarry site organic agriculture established for agriculture in the community of urban ecology.


About Quarry Life Award

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Quarry Life Award through Young Environmental Scientist Program forming a systematic youth program that gives a chance to every child and youth to participate in creative Science, Technology, Research/Robotic, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sports or Scuba (STREAMS).

The Wazo Hill area with an elevation of approximately 100m above sea level is the highest fossil reef and it is one of the largest carbonate occurrences on the Tanzania coast.

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Company Vision: To develop a strong identity, be the market leader and the first choice amongst cement consumers in Tanzania.

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