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Youth Programs

Class Sessions

These classes includes provision of short and valuable information for youth participation in the program.


Camping Programs

The camp might be of competition, learning or leisure but intends to build and support child mental health.


Creative Thinking

This session allow a child or youth to participate in critical thinking and involved in problem solving skills.


Innovative Activities

Find the best youth hands-on activities that allow youth to grow in science, biodiversity + Climate Action.



Series of projects given to the children and youth involved in the program that promote them towards career development



Youth and Children are provided with list of badges and awards that promote them become impact oriented and responsible citizens.


Badges & Awards Insructions

Do you want your students to achieve their career?

Young Environmental Scientist Program is a systematic youth program that gives a chance to every child and youth to participate in creative Science, Technology, Research/Robotic, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sports or Scuba (STREAMS).

Consist of best youth activities that allow your child or youth to grow on the six dimensions and seven sub sections that will help you discover ability of your child or youth towards career development

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Mikoko Development Foundation this 2021 has announced new 100+ hands-on activities for youth to help them in their life and academic improvements.

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Trainers & Club Teachers

Online Sessions

School Environmental Club Teachers are welcome to join YES - Program and provided with youth supporting skills.


Camping Programs

Trainers and club teachers are provided with cost sharing camping programs at a verified place join now...


Trainer's Instructions

Find the trainers manual that will support and develop your ability towards using Mikoko Nature Resources.


Beginer Assistant Naturalist Trainer

MDF provide technical support to you and provide you with full potential resources to support your children grow.


Assistant Naturalist Trainer

This session is conducted based on the camping programs that allows your abiity to grow and reach the potential


Naturalist Trainer

MDF Trainers are basically professional teachers intergrated class subjects into environmental education.

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